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Robotics and IOT Machine Learning and AI Ethical Hacking

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Data Science, ML and AI

Panvel and Thane

  • Python and ML models
  • Neural Networks
  • AI and Computer vision
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Robotics and IOT

Panvel and Thane

  • Raspberry PI and Arduino
  • Home Automation
  • IOT Protocols and App development
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students and professionals all over India share a few kind words

It's rare to find a trainer who gives out his best every minute in the class and not just in theory but through hands on projects which are directly implantable to real world problems. Had one of the best training experiences in IIT Hyderabad through your ML training.

Viswanath Duddukuri Associate Quality Assurance Engineer TechnipFMC

It was really great to have an exposure to such great young bunch of talent. I surely learnt a lot as it opened my mind towards this field and would love to take initiatives and participation in creating own startup with new practical innovations.

Rodali Hazarika Student at DUIET Assam

It was a lot of fun. Loved the session. It was very interesting and the way of interacting with the students was very appreciative.

Surangana Baruah Student at DUIET Assam

An excellent trainer for cutting edge technologies.

Manoj Kumar Beuria Asst. Professor KiiT University


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Robotics and Applications

Robotics is enrichment to a company’s success. The way we analyze procedures and implement backend activities and tasks is completely refurbished by robotics. At Cluebots, we choose the best developers with both technological and non-technological skills. They can help you introduce innovative and end- to-end Robotics solutions. And we guarantee to develop a product that's the best you'll ever see.

Internet of Things (IOT)

IoT has the ability to change the way customers and companies perceive the world, by expanding the reach of IoT past connectivity. At Cluebots, we allow organizations to transform business needs by providing creative IoT driven technologies into successful differentiators. For your hardware, we build the applications that can listen to the communication protocols and bits and bytes transmitted by your IOT gadgets. Our end-to-end IoT technologies enable smart businesses, smart lifestyle and smart companies by connecting resources and services to provide interactive experiences.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

The sister innovations, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) are one of this year's technological developments on everyone's lips. AR and VR bridge the boundaries between the physical and virtual environments. They provide a modern way to connect with clients, peers and the community around us. At Cluebots, we make sure you have the interactive augmented experience of the app with something that you have dreamt. Together we will push open the door to prospects at the next stage and boost the digital success.

Web & App Development

Web Applications have become an incredibly useful platform for business; their most popular uses include interaction with clients, teamwork with staff, safe data storage, and the delivery of data and information to management. These applications have improved the way we do business. They also made it easy for consumers to access company information at the pace of light, while staying connected and updated to their favorite brand. Our development team considers the need of each of our customers and builds efficient websites and apps with flexible features. Through this way, businesses will further streamline their day-to-day activities and procedures to address essential goals and reach desired targets.

Game Development

Creating an entertaining game involves a great deal of creativity in terms of character and background front. Our game developers work closely with character developers to turn out the best possible result for your game. We, at Cluebots, help our clients transform their innovative concepts into games by offering professional solutions that are cost-effective. The game developers use innovative technologies / resources to create visually appealing UI to responsive games that keep the players interested. Our professional programmers develop theme, visuals and use creative techniques to build engaging games.

Machine learning and AI

Both AI and ML are admired for offering companies the boost they seek, enhancing efficiencies, improving sales and promotions and also assisting with vital HR functions. At Cluebots, we use our vast expertise and deep understanding of subject to help companies around the world get the most out of their machines. From machine learning to deep learning, we are developing cutting-edge, focused AI approaches to problems that need a lot of human intelligence beforehand. We help companies develop, adopt, use and execute highly qualified AI & ML solutions which drive better business results. Our AI & ML solutions provide companies with smart apps that reduce human mistakes and improve efficiency by automating business activities.

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